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Library Lines from the GEA Library, Booneville

by Dee Hare, Librarian

New books that we’ve recently received that may entertain that special man in your life include:

The Sand Bucket List: 366 Things to Do with Your Kids Before They Grow Up by David Hoffman gives parents 366 ideas for making unforgettable family memories.  Suggestions vary from the simple (have an indoor picnic) to the inspirational (shake hands with the President of the United States) and is the ultimate handbook for creating quality time and shared family experiences.

Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History traces the history of motorcycles from the first prototypes to the superbikes of today using over 1,000 images.  This comprehensive catalog highlights the most important motorcycles of each period, along with their specifications and distinctive features. Histories of the men and machines like Honda and Harley-Davidson reveal the origins of these world famous names.

Stuff Every Dad Should Know by Brett Cohen gives the reader family road-trip survival skills, advice for healthy eating, a guide to bonding with moody teenagers, and so much more.  New dads will learn how to change diapers, burp babies and build sand castles while dads of older children will discover tips on how to assign chores and how to save for college.

The Ultimate Survival Manual by Rich Johnson and the editors of Outdoor Life magazine will show Dad how to take care of his family using tips for any urban adventure, wilderness survival experience or disaster.  Filled with clear instructions, helpful diagrams, essential checklists, and inspirational first-person stories, this book might just save the reader’s life.

Thunder and Rain by Charles Martin is the story of third generation Texas Ranger Tyler Steele.  Tyler is the last of a dying breed- a modern day cowboy living in a world that doesn’t quite understand his personal sense of right and wrong and instinct to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  As he tries to raise his son alone and rebuild his life, Tyler becomes involved in the life of a woman and her daughter who are on the run from a desperate situation.

New DVD releases include Moneyball, Contagion, In Time, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Whistleblower.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.  And don’t forget our children’s Summer Reading Program, going on now through the end of the month.




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You Look, I Look, We All Look — for eBooks!

By Olivia (Holly) McIntyre

Collection Development Librarian, Northeast Regional Library


Summary: At this time Northeast Regional Library does not offer downloadable ebooks, but here are some ways to find free or low-cost material for your ereader.


Ebooks are a wonderful addition to the repertoire of reading.  Dedicated ereaders such as the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook are available with a variety of features at increasingly reasonable prices, but anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone can download apps that will allow ebooks to be read on those devices, too.

For consumers with a credit card and an account at one of the major ebook retailers, it is very easy to buy almost any current book in ebook format — click and download. For libraries, it’s a different story.  Publishers just don’t want it to be too easy to borrow ebooks instead of buying them.

Libraries have to buy access to a “platform” – a very expensive “platform” — that will integrate with their websites and online catalogs, so that users can access the ebooks available at that library. Some publishers will not release current ebooks for purchase by libraries, or will charge libraries up to four times what individual consumers are charged, or will impose one-at-a-time borrowing restrictions that make for months-long waiting lists.  There’s also the problem of how to accommodate the different ebook formats which are incompatible with one another.

Considering these limitations the librarians at the Northeast Regional Library have decided that none of the currently affordable ebook platforms for libraries provide the variety and availability of reading options that our users deserve to have.

But wait! — there are still plenty of ways to get free or low-cost ebooks and we are eager to help you find and use them!

In the United Stated, anything published before 1923 is out of copyright and can be turned into an ebook. You can catch up on Jane Austen, or Dickens, or those ancient philosophers you always meant to read.  There’s also an abundance of “practical” books from the nineteenth century that still have useful advice about home organization, gardening, and frugality.  Remember The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables? Those and more classic children’s books are available free, too.

A few of the biggest sites for finding free ebooks are:

Project Gutenberg – a non-profit, crowd-sourced digitizing and editing project that offers over 39,000 free books in many languages.

Google Play: Books – sells books but also has a large selection of free ebooks.

Open Library – another non-profit effort by the Internet Archive  “is an open, editable library catalog, building towards a web page for every book ever published.”

Inkmesh – is a useful catalog of ebooks (free and purchasable) that indexes by format (Kindle, Nook, .pdf) and subject area.

Of course, the major ebook retailers offer some books for free.  Many of these may be by current but unknown authors, but sometimes books by popular authors are offered free for a short period.  For updates about what is available free on the Kindle, check the Amazon Kindle store for “free Kindle books” or eReaderIQ . For the Nook check the Barnes and Noble website for “free Nook books” or check the Nook Facebook page for free and discounted offers.

If you don’t have a dedicated ereader (like a Kindle or Nook) and need an ereader app for your computer, tablet, or phone, you can download one for free from the major retailers’ websites (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes) or just search for “ebook reader app” in any search engine and take your pick.

Happy reading!!




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Library Lines at GEA Library

by Dee Hare, Librarian, George E. Allen Library, Booneville

Several new items have been given to the library’s children’s department just in time for their summer break.  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tapp donated George’s Dragon by Claire Freedman in memory of Joseph Cade Bridges, which tells the story of George’s new pet lizard – who keeps growing and growing and accidentally setting things on fire!  One Bear Lost by Karen Hayles is lively rhyming tale involving ten adorable bears playing in the forest until one by one, they all go home and one bear is left all alone. It was donated by Bonnie Kemp in memory of Sara Cole Nelson.

For older readers, the D. T. Beall chapter of the UDC donated monies in memory of Dr. Webster Cleveland that were used to purchase The Hardy Boys’ Guide to Life by Franklin W. Dixon.  It gives tips from one of the greatest sleuthing teams of all time to help youngsters navigate through those murky spots in life as it answers questions like what’s the best disguise to use and quick lessons in botany. 

The Hood family donated Are You Kidding Me? The Story of Rocco Mediate’s Extraordinary Battle with Tiger Woods at the U. S. Open by Rocco Mediate and John Feinstein to the library’s collection in memory of Edward Kesler.  This inspirational volume talks about Mediate’s everyday struggles to stay healthy and competitive enough to be a tour player over the course of his career, as well as his reflections on his five day epic battle with Tiger Woods.

The Pisgah Homemaker’s Club has donated two DVDs to the library’s media collection.   About Sarah … stars Kellie Martin, Mary Steenburgen and Marion Ross and is the story of a young woman whose life changes suddenly when she finds herself solely responsible for her mentally handicapped mother.  Come What May tells of a young man on the verge of college who must decide whether to follow what his heart tells his to do or what will give him the better advantage in life. 

We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.


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New items at Ripley Public Library

compiled by Brent Grisham, librarian, Ripley Public Library


 In the Kingdom of Men by Kim Barnes

 The Watchers by Jon Steele

 Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

 Canada by Richard Ford

 Savor the Danger by Lori Foster (Large Print)

 Kiss Me If You Can by Carly Phillips (Large Print)

 A Blaze of Glory:  A Novel of the Battle of Shiloh by Jeff Shaara

 Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson

 The Beach Trees by Karen White

 A Bride’s Sweet Surprise in Sauers, Indiana by Ramona K. Cecil

 A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin (Large Print)

 A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin (Large Print)

 The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter (Large Print)

 Honor (Bannon Brothers) by Janet Dailey

 The Lost Ones by Ace Atkins

 Convincing Alex by Nora Roberts (Large Print)

 God Don’t Make No Mistakes by Mary Monroe



 My Extraordinary Ordinary Life by Sissy Spacek

Words for the Wedding: Creative Ideas for Personalizing Your Vows, Toasts, Invitations and More by Wendy Paris and Andrew Chesler

 This is How by Augusten Burroughs


For more information on new items throughout the Northeast Regional Library system, visit the online catalog and click on “New!” (updated weekly).




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