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Library Lines from the GEA Library (Booneville)

by Dee Hare, Librarian

            As the summer starts to heat up, stay inside and cool off with some of the great fiction that we have recently received at the library.  New titles include:

Rapscallion by James McGee is the follow-up to his Regency era crime thriller Resurrectionist.  In this adventure, spy Matthew Hawkgood hears reports that former warships now being used as floating prisons are also being used for human smuggling operations.  Matthew must go undercover himself to uncover the traitors.

A Cookbook Conspiracy is a new Bibliophile mystery from Kate Carlisle.  When an old flame is found dead after receiving an antique cookbook with weird symbols and unreadable writing in the margins, sisters Savannah and Brooklyn investigate to clear Savannah’s name and find out who stole the cookbook.

In Zero Hour by Clive Cussler, scientists have discovered a possible way to tap an unlimited energy resource by using machines that cause massive earthquakes.  Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala and their NUMA teammates must now race against time to locate the hidden machines underground in a vast ocean trench in order to prevent catastrophic environmental disasters.

The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank is the story of Leslie Ann, the last original wife left among her husband’s group of friends.  After an accident, Leslie Ann realizes her perfect life is a sham so she travels to the healing white beaches of South Carolina.  There she reclaims the strong woman she was meant to be with the help of a group of fun and feisty beach residents.

Other new titles by your favorite authors include Gameboards of the Gods by Richelle Mead, Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell, Lost Daughters by Mary Monroe, Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz and Triumph by Janet Dailey.

Don’t forget our Summer Reading Programs being held on Wednesdays in June.  On June 26, our favorite guitar playing entertainer Mr. Richard will be here!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.


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Library Lines from the GEA Library (Booneville)

by Dee Hare, Librarian

            New items that we have recently received at the library include:

Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman is the story of Teddi Overman, who has recently opened an antiques store in Charleston after discovering she has a talent for restoring furniture.  When she gets news that her long lost brother might still be alive, Teddi begins to struggle to come to terms with her shattered family and sense of self in the face of the ordeal.

Choke Point by Ridley Pearson finds Knox and tech information expect Grace Chu teaming up to investigate allegation of a sweat-shop operation in Amsterdam that is enslaving young girls.  Their rescue mission is challenged, however, by a much larger crime organization that has seduced the sweatshop’s neighbors with showy offers of goodwill.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns is the long awaited sequel to Lauren Weisberger’s best-selling debut.  Andy Sachs and her business partner Emily have blossomed after starting their own highly successful bridal magazine.  But on the eve of Andy’s wedding, memories of their former boss resurface to haunt the happy event.

Did you know that best-selling author Anne Perry was involved in a shocking murder as a teenager in her home country of New Zealand?  Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century by Peter Graham is a non-fiction work that offers a detailed account of the 1954 murder involving Perry and her best friend, who bludgeoned to death the friend’s mother because they wanted to move to America.

New DVDs at the library include Taz Mania: Taz on the Loose, The Silver Linings Playbook, Max and Ruby: A Visit with Grandma, Lincoln, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens and Django Unchained.

Don’t forget our Summer Reading Programs being held on Wednesdays in June.  On June 19, local educator Cindy Ford will have an exciting hour of stories and fun!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.

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Library Lines from the GEA Library (Booneville)

by Dee Hare, Librarian

             Memorial Day weekend kicks off the start of the summer season!  While you’re out and about – going to the beach, taking a trip or just relaxing with family – don’t forget the library.  New items that we have recently received that may help you enjoy your summer plans even more include:

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction is the celebrity chef’s cooking guide for such favorites as Texas Style Spice-rubbed Brisket, Tuscan Rosemary Smoked Whole Chickens and Pimiento Cheese-Bacon Burgers.  He also gives out helpful information on the pros and cons of different cookers, fuels, woods, and grilling equipment; how to light and tend a fire and how to tell when your steaks are done.

Inside the Baseball Hall of Fame is a lavishly photographed tour of some of the greatest treasures held in Cooperstown, New York – some seldom if ever displayed.  It presents authoritative coverage of such subjects as the shoes worn by “Shoeless” Joe Jackson in the infamous 1919 World Series, the oldest known photograph of two baseball teams from 1859 and the promissory note selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal features Regency-era glamourists Jane and Vincent Ellsoworth.  When the pair accepts a job from a prominent London family, they decide to take her sister Melody with them to help her chances of finding a suitable husband.  But the couple soon find themselves embroiled in a crisis of national significance.

Dead, White and Blue is the newest “Death on Demand” mystery by Carolyn Hart.  After two locals disappear during the height of tourist season on Broward’s Rock, local mystery bookstore owner Annie and her husband Max begin to investigate a twisted path of adultery, blackmail and betrayal to find the reason why.

For our young baseball fanatics we have Plunked by Michael Northrop.  Sixth-grader Jack Mogens is in a two-man race for a starting spot on his Little League team.  But when he gets hit by a stray pitch during a game, Jack must dig deep within to really find out what he’s made of.  Will Jack give up the sport that he loves?

Don’t forget our Summer Reading Programs being held on Wednesdays in June.  On June 12, the Junior Auxiliary will have an exciting hour of stories and fun!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.

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The Corinth Library Says Farewell to Carolyn McClean

Carolyn's Retirement6


For twenty-four years, Carolyn McClean has worked as an assistant librarian at the Corinth Library. May 30th, 2013 was her final day at the library as she officially began her retirement.

Ms. McClean divided her career between the library and the public school system where she worked as an in-school suspension teacher. She retired from the school system in the fall of 2012.

The Corinth and Northeast Regional Library Headquarters staff treated Ms. McClean to a farewell luncheon at the General’s Quarters on May 30th. She received cards, gifts, and a certificate of appreciation from the Mississippi Library Commission for her many years of service to the library.

Carolyn's Retirement11 (2)

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Library Lines at GEA Library (Booneville)

by Dee Hare, Librarian

Lots of great new titles are hitting our shelves, just in time for the leisurely pace of summer.  New items that we have recently received include:

Dear Lucy is a first novel by Julie Sarkissian.  Lucy, a girl who experiences the world in unique ways, is taken in by an older farming couple after her social-climbing mother abandons her.  She befriends a pregnant young woman who shares conflicting stories about her own past and who leaves behind a compelling diary after the baby is born.

Sleight of Hand by Philip Margolin finds private investigator Dana Cutler on the trail of a stolen relic.  Dana is called to Virginia to stop Charles Benedict, a criminal defense lawyer, amateur illusionist and professional hitman from framing a millionaire for the murder of his much young wife.

In Poppet by Mo Hayder, a dangerous patient is released from a mental institution in error.  In the wake of his departure, several unexplained episodes of self-harm, including suicide, occur amongst his ward’s other patients and it is up to Detective Jack Caffery to track him down before he kills again.

What the Family Needed by Steven Amsterdam is the story of an extended family who manifest supernatural powers during times of stress.  Three decades of fears, crisis and longing are related as each family member confronts their inner demons and come to terms with who they are.  Along the way, they discover that love, acceptance and protection are far more powerful than anything else in life.

Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton outlines five core principles the research team has discovered utilizing examples from leading companies.  Their ideas to promote responsible spending include practices such as investing in experiences rather than material objects and spending money on others rather than yourself.

Other new titles by your favorite authors include A House Divided by Kimberla Lawson Roby, Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer, Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble by Ann B. Ross, The Ophelia Cut by John Lescroart, The Mystery Woman by Amanda Quick, Decadence by Eric Jerome Dickey and Taking Eve by Iris Johansen.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.

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