Library Lines from GEA Library (Booneville)

by Dee Hare, Librarian

Start off the upcoming New Year by discovering a great new author!  Some of the new materials we’ve recently received at the library that may help you with your search include:

Dangerous Women, edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner R. Dozois, is a collection of 21 short stories celebrating some of the best female heroines – and villains – in the world of science fiction and fantasy.  Included are a new ‘Outlander’ tale from Diana Gabaldon, a ‘Harry Dresden’ story by Jim Butcher and a novella by Martin set in his popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series.

Murder by Sunlight: The Charity Quilt is in the ‘Quilted Mysteries’ series by Barbara Graham.  When Tennessee sheriff Tony Abernathy sets out to investigate the discovery of a dead body, he never dreams that he will end up dealing with a town in chaos as a dispute erupts between a group of non-so-sweet old ladies and an attacking intruder tries a blackmail scheme.  And to make matters even worse, his quilting wife’s gossip prone craft group is determined to ‘help’ him in his investigations.

The Collector of Lost Things by Jeremy Page is set in 1845 as a young researcher is sent on an Arctic expedition to find the remains of the extinct Great Auk, a mythical large flightless bird.  During his passage on a hunting ship, he soon realizes the crew and passengers are not what they seem, which forces him to form dangerous relationships in order to survive.

In The Housemaid’s Daughter by Barbara Mutch, Catherine Harrington, a young Irish woman, must move to 1919 South Africa where she befriends the daughter of the housemaid.  When the girl goes missing after being scorned by their community, Catherine must decide whether to follow society’s lead or search for the missing girl.

Cooking Wild Game and Fish Southern Style by sportsman and cook Billy Joe Cross offers hundreds of recipes that will help you to showcase Mississippi’s wide variety of wild game and fish.  Classic recipes such as Fried Crappie and Rabbit Chili are included as well as rarities such as Roast Beaver, Quail and Dirty Rice and Bass Amandine.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon at the library.


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