Library Lines from the GEA Library (Booneville)

New titles received include:

            Jane Austen fans will enjoy a hilarious Southern retelling of Pride and Prejudice in Pride, Prejudice and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane Hathaway.  When two hardheaded Civil War historians find themselves fighting over the centuries-old history of local battles and antebellum mansions, their small college is about to become a battlefield of Civil War proportions.  Shelby Roswell hopes to make tenure at her small college near Oxford, Mississippi.  But that plan is put in jeopardy by the roasting of her new book by famous historian Ransom Fielding.  First impressions can be deceiving and love can conquer all especially with pride, prejudice, love and cheese grits.

            New York Times best-selling author Greg Kincaid follows the theme at the heart of all his books in Tantric Coconuts.  After inheriting her aunt’s bookmobile and half-wolf, No Barks, free spirit Angel Two Sparrow embarks on a pilgrimage across America to jump-start her new profession:  Native American spiritual Consultant.  Literally crashing into burned-out Kansas lawyer Ted Day and his Irish terrier mix, Argo, Angel finds a companion for a wild road trip and maybe the rest of her life.

            Donna Andrews continues her Meg Langslow mystery series with The Good, the Bad and the Emus.  Meg partners with local private investigator Stanley Denton to search for the former love of Meg’s long-lost paternal grandfather, Dr. Blake.  With a killer on the loose, Meg and Stanley use a feral emu rescue for a cover.  Is the killer hiding in the flock of emu rescuing volunteers and will Meg and Stanley flush out the killer before another murder occurs?

            Astoria:  John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson’s Lost Pacific Empire by Peter Stark follows the 1810 to 1813 expedition, financed by Astor and encouraged by Jefferson, to establish Fort Astoria, a trading post on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

            Don’t forget story time is every Tuesday at 10AM!  The library staff invites everyone to visit the library soon. 


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